The 5 Types of People You’ll Meet At A Start-Up

Whether you just quit your corporate 9 to 5 job or you’re just entering the workforce from college, a startup is viable option for gaining valuable experience and creating a unique career path. But, the most undervalued part of joining any startup, is the people you will meet.

As the CEO of Taxes Tampa, I have had the opportunity to work with over 100 startups ranging from the health care industry to sports equipment manufacturing. At the heart of each of these companies was the passion, blood, sweat, and tears of the people pushing its vision.

Good and bad, each person has a story to tell. There is something to be learned from each of those people that you will meet. Below are the 5 types of people you’ll meet at your first startup.

1. The ego maniac

Most likely to be the CEO or one of the founding members, the ego maniac is likely the first one you’ll meet at the new startup you join. Usually the loudest in any room, the ego maniac makes sure that everyone knows that they’re the one who started it all. Prone to projecting grand ideas and expecting impossible deadlines, they are sure to be the new thorn in your side.

Takeaway: Your patience and self-assurance will be tested. You will learn how to work with those who use tactics unlike your own, to sway the opinions and actions of others.

2. The experienced baby boomer

Thought you’d only be working with Generation Z & Millennial's after college? Think again. The office baby boomer joins your startup with not only decades of experience but a background in proven methodologies and procedures that you’re bound to adhere to. The baby boomer has a work ethic that is unparalleled. They grew up in a generation where human capital was exchanged for retirement pay and skills investments by employers. Their prior experience is a powerful resource in both the office and your career.

Takeaway: Your willingness to learn will be tested. They will challenge you to push through hard times and persevere when projects and deadlines get tough.

3. The new college graduate

Oh, the newbie. The one who just graduated and has no clue if their college major matches their life’s passion. One day they’re working in marketing, the next they are spearheading HR. You’ll learn how to communicate complex ideas to those who are less experienced than you when delegating to the newbie. You’re sure to be best friends!

Takeaway: You’ll learn how to communicate efficiently and effectively with the newbie. Your leadership skills will be tested as you help them form a basis for their own craft.

4. The adventurer

The adventurer sees the big picture. They see that milestones made today not only affect tomorrow but affect the longevity of the business and its survival. They are a leader through and through, helping everyone see the potential of the company. The adventurer is first to speak up about new revenue generators and the last to give up on a good idea.

Takeaway: You’ll learn how to think holistically when making big decisions with the adventurer. They will challenge you to think long term and outside of the box.

5. The creative

Almost always the office introvert, the creative is busy at work creating new products and ideas that are sure to break ground in the market. The office creative is always furiously drafting prototypes in efforts of becoming the industry leader in whatever they pursue. Commonly overlooked, the creative is the secret backbone to all that is your startup and its potential trajectory.

Takeaway: You’ll learn how to understand design processes with the creative. They will challenge your imagination and your ability to communicate with those who think differently.

Each person you meet at a startup brings a unique background that you’re bound to learn from. The important thing is to decide to join a company that best suits you and your goals.


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