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Taxes can be a difficult and time-consuming task… but they don’t have to be. Experience and expertise mean we can find missed opportunities and ensure you avoid any potential problems that may arise.

tampa tax prep
tampa tax prep

Do I really need an Accountant in Tampa to file my taxes?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to use an Accountant in Tampa instead of self-preparing their tax return:

  1. Expertise: Tampa Accountants have extensive knowledge and training in accounting, taxation, and financial planning, which allows them to provide expert advice and guidance on a variety of financial matters.

  2. Compliance: Tampa Accountants can help individuals and businesses navigate complex and constantly changing tax laws and regulations. They can help ensure that tax returns are filed correctly and on time, and that all necessary tax payments are made.

  3. Strategic planning: Tampa Accountants can help businesses develop and implement financial strategies that can help them achieve their long-term goals. They can also provide valuable insights into financial performance and help identify areas for improvement.

  4. Audit and assurance: Tampa Accountants can provide audit and assurance services, which involve examining financial statements and other financial information to ensure that they are accurate and comply with relevant accounting standards.

  5. Overall, using an Accountant in Tampa can help individuals and businesses make informed financial decisions and achieve greater financial success.

Individual Tax Preparation Tampa

We at Taxes Tampa provide close personal business relations with our clients. It is this invaluable business relationship that helps us give the best service to our clientele. Taxes Tampa provides the best tax planning and tax return preparation in Tampa, FL!

We specialize in tax preparation for: 

  • Individuals (1040)

  • Limited Liability Companies (Sch. C)

  • Multi-State Income Tax Reporting

  • Amendments and more!

Being proactive and in constant communication with my clients is the key to providing the best tax and financial consulting service. Managing any business is really about managing relationships. 

Business Tax Preparation Tampa

No matter what you envision for your business, tactical business preparation will reveal how to achieve those goals confidently.

We specialize in tax preparation for: ​

  • Partnerships (1065)

  • Corporations (1120),

  • S-Corporations (1120S)

  • Trusts/estates (1041) 

  • Not-for-profit organization (990)'

Taxes Tampa will provide your business with tax planning and preparation services to ensure that you: maximize your profit and ROI.   We do so by getting to know your business and your business goals and developing a realistic strategy and plan to achieve them. We pride ourselves on having over 10+ years in specializing in tax preparation and tax planning services in Tampa.

Contact us today for your Tampa Tax Preparation!

  • Federal Income Tax Returns

  • State and Local Income Tax Returns

  • Estimated Tax Payments

  • Personal Property Tax Returns

  • Business Tax Licenses

  • Sales Tax Returns

  • Information Returns for Independent Contractors

  • Payroll Tax Returns


We don’t just calculate your taxes, we can lower them.

Do you view taxes as a historical exercise to be addressed well after the year has closed, but spend most of the year worrying about them?
If so, we’d like to change that. We believe the most important tax deadline of the year is December 31, not April 15. When you wait until the last minute, there is only so much an Accountant in Tampa can do for you.

Why you should consider hiring an Accountant in Tampa

  • We can run a MFJ vs MFS comparison to maximize your tax return

  • We can review, research and respond to any IRS Notices

  • We can assist with any multi-state returns to optimize your return

  • We can make sure you receive all qualified child tax credits

  • We can holistically review your past few years returns (business and personal) to better strategize entity classification optimization, retirement planning, and review missed deductions, credits and strategies

  • We can create multi-entity/multi-state level tax planning portfolios

  • We can assist with any and all rental property/sales tax questions to better structure your Tampa Real Estate Holdings!

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