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When is it time to consider switching your Tampa Accountant?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Are you considering switching Tampa Accountants? Our guide outlines key factors to consider when making the switch. Learn more now!

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Taxes Tampa, CEO

You create ideas, we just execute them. Why you need the right Tampa Accountant in your corner as you scale.

Choosing the right Accountant is one of the most significant decisions a growing business will ever make because it impacts multiple aspects of your reporting processes and decision-making. Chances are, you hired one accountant for every service you can think of: bookkeeping, business tax preparation, individual tax preparation, and consulting. While this is amazing if the Tampa Accountant you chose was the right one for you, it can be devastating if you heavily concentrated all of those services on one Tampa Accounting Firm and they dropped the ball.

It’s great to centralize data so that the impact the Accountant has on your bottom line is better tailored to you and your business, but when all of those services are in the hands of someone whose output doesn’t measure up to expectations, it can leave you feeling unorganized, unprepared and frankly overpaying on taxes!

Here are a few key indicators that have you rethinking your Tampa Accountant:

Does the Accounting firm in Tampa have a designated Accountant in Tampa that you’re working with?

This is important because if a firm has a high turnover and you’re working with a new person every 3-6 months, chances are, a lot of data is read without any thought. There’s value in having the same accountant prepare your return year after year, watching your growth on the small business side, and watching the impact of your growth on the individual tax preparation side. It takes a holistic approach to do proper tax planning. If you feel shuffled between staff, that’s a key sign that you may need to work with a more dedicated accountant in Tampa.

tampa accountant taxes tampa

Does the Tampa Accounting Firm answer all of your questions on a timely basis?

To us, this is critical. You’re a growing business. Sales are scaling, your team is full steam ahead, and there’s no slowing down. So when you need advice on a new asset purchase, potential acquisition, pros and cons of certain taxable events, etc., it’s critical that you work with an accounting firm in Tampa that is responsive and gives you the time and energy you and your small business deserve.

Do you get thorough explanations from your Tampa Tax Accountant after your Tax Drafts are sent over?

Do you find yourself receiving your draft with no email, no insights, and yet a dotted line to sign without any real background on what you’re looking at? If you do, you’re not alone. Many accounting firms in Tampa operate on a volume-based business model. They have their Tampa accounting staff preparing hundreds of tax returns a month and so advisory services fall to the waist side unless you’re a squeaky wheel. As a fellow accounting firm in Tampa, FL, we find that unacceptable. You deserve to understand what you’re signing and education is a big part of our service model!

tampa accountant taxes tampa

Why Work With Taxes Tampa?

For over a decade, Taxes Tampa has sought out to be a communication-focused Tampa Accounting firm. We don’t operate on a volume-based business model which allows us to check in with our clients more than the average accountant in Tampa and offer our clients a more hands-on and advisory tax experience. We want to ensure you understand the ABC’s of LLC’s, Taxes, and everything in between. Contact us today for a free tax consultation with one of our Tax Accountants!

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