We can help you create a strategy to get the most out of your taxes, season after season! The goal is to create a plan that benefits you and your business for years to come.









Retirement Planning

Even if you’re self employed or your employer does not offer a retirement planning benefit, you can still set up a solo retirement plan. These types of plans help you qualify for other tax benefits and tax-advantaged investments.

We offer tax and retirement planning for:

1. SEP IRA's (Simplified Employee Pension)

2. Traditional 401k's

3. Roth IRA's

4. SIMPLE IRA's (Savings Incentive Match Plan)

5. Solo 401k Plan's


Opportunity Zones

A new tax planning opportunity was created in the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act called “opportunity zones.” These opportunity zones encourage people to invest in specially designated economically distressed areas in exchange for tax breaks.


Qualified Opportunity Fund can allow exclusions of the deferred gain per set amount of years. If held for more than:

  1. 5 Years = 10% exclusion

  2. 7 Years = 15% exclusion

  3. 10 Years = investor doesn’t have to pay taxes on any capital gains produced from the original investment

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves preparing your assets to smoothly pass on to your loved ones and giving permission to others to provide care and support in the event you can no longer care for yourself. 

We will work with your legal team to create your:

  1. Wills

  2. Trusts

  3. Power of Attorney


Asset Location

In the United States, you can move from state to state to pay lower taxes. States vary tremendously on how they generate revenue from taxes and the tax rates charged.


The state you live in when you die and the state your property is located in can also impact your taxes. We can help you understand the tax savings of locating your business in Puerto Rico, Florida, Delaware, and other various locations. 

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