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Haven't filed taxes in a few years? Consult an Accountant in Tampa!

Updated: May 26

If you haven’t filed taxes in a while, it can be overwhelming, all the more reason to hire an Accountant in Tampa to help!

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If you’re behind on filing taxes, an Accountant in Tampa can help you get caught up and squared away in just a few steps.

If you haven’t filed taxes in years, the first step is to calm down! Although it isn’t ideal, you’re definitely not alone. We have worked with tons of clients who haven’t filed tax returns since as far back as 2013. Now that we know your scenario is more common than you’d think, let’s begin with the most important question: did you keep any records for the unfiled years? If you did, great! That’ll make this process a whole lot easier. If you didn’t? No worries! Just follow the steps below.

Creating an IRS Account: Why an Accountant in Tampa needs your tax transcripts to file your past due tax returns!

Creating an IRS Account is beneficial for a few reasons. It helps you see any balances and track down where they came from, it helps you apply for payment plans, and it contains a key piece of data that any Accountant in Tampa will need before filing your taxes: your tax transcripts. There are a few transcripts but the one we will focus on is the wage and income transcript. This transcript details by year, all of the wage and income items that were tagged to your SSN like W2’s, 1099’s, investments, distributions, etc. When filing past tax returns, it’s critical that we match to what the IRS already has to avoid any future issues. An Accountant in Tampa can help you with setting up your account and walk you through pulling your transcripts.

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Does the Tampa Accountant you hired answer all of your questions on a timely basis?

Considering you’re already behind, it’s critical that you hire someone who is an effective and quick communicator. This process is already overwhelming so if you’re not getting at least weekly updates from the Tampa Accountant you hired, we suggest considering switching Tampa Accountants for someone who is on the ball and letting you know every step of the way where your taxes are at and what they’re waiting on you for. Hiring a Tampa Accountant who is highly organized and communicative is crucial for squaring away your past-due tax returns and making the process as easy and efficient as possible for you!

Do you get thorough explanations from your Tampa Tax Accountant after your Tax Drafts are sent over?

Do you find yourself receiving your draft with no email, no insights, and yet a dotted line to sign without any real background on what you’re looking at? If you do, you’re not alone. Many accounting firms in Tampa operate on a volume-based business model. They have their Tampa Accountants preparing hundreds of tax returns a month and so advisory services fall to the waist side unless you’re a squeaky wheel. As a fellow Accounting Firm in Tampa, fl, we find that unacceptable. You deserve to understand what you’re signing and education is a big part of our service model!

tampa accountant taxes tampa

Why Work With Taxes Tampa?

For over a decade, Taxes Tampa has sought out to be a communication-focused Tampa Accounting firm. We don’t operate on a volume-based business model which allows us to check in with our clients more than the average accountant in Tampa and offer our clients a more hands-on and advisory tax experience. We want to ensure you understand the ABC’s of LLC’s, Taxes, and everything in between. Contact us today for a free tax consultation with one of our Tax Accountants in Tampa!

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